We are Florida’s #1 Diamond Buyer. Sell us your Diamonds!

Diamond jewelry is one of the most expensive assets you can own. That’s why some people invest in buying a piece or two. In times of rainy days, selling diamonds is also a great way of getting quick cash. So, if you’re in need, visit Gold Galore Jewelers, we are the #1 diamond buyer in Florida.

Why Choose Us?

Gold Galore is a family-owned business with more than three generations of experienced master jewelers. We have accreditation from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Our master jewelers have attended the most prestigious schools in the industry. With decades of handling diamonds, we can guarantee you’ll get the highest appraisal.

Why Clients Prefer Us?

Diamond owners in Florida trust and prefer us because of our prominence, honesty, and competence. Our business has been buying diamonds from clients since 1975. That’s how prominent we are in Florida and other states.

We can attest that we never fail to appraise diamond jewelry at the highest possible value. We are honest to a fault and even make an effort to give you tips on how to raise the value of your diamonds.

Unlike unscrupulous jewelers out there, Gold Galore will never take advantage of your situation. Our honest and friendly employees will make the selling process less painful.

Of course, we know how hard it is to let go of something that you’ve loved your whole life. We will assist and provide emotional support during the selling process.

Items We Accept

diamond buyer Florida

We practically buy any diamond jewelry. Here are the following pieces you can sell to us:

  • Diamond rings, earrings, necklaces, or any piece
  • Diamond jewelry certified by GIA or EGL
  • Loose diamonds
  • Engagement rings
  • Wedding diamond rings

If you aren’t sure if we will buy your diamond jewelry, you can bring it to our store. We are more than happy and willing to evaluate it.

You don’t have diamonds but have precious gemstones and metals lying around. It’s okay. We buy other types of jewelry, too. Please make an appointment and visit us for an evaluation.

We buy pieces of diamond jewelry fast when we see they’re worth every dollar. No need to make it a long and tedious process – we make the transaction fast and easy. Talk to us and let’s strike the best and honest deal in town. We guarantee you won’t regret transacting with Gold Galore Jewelers.