Unique Engagement Ideas That Will Make Her Say Yes!

You’re finally popping the question! You’ve found the love of your life, and you’re ready to put a ring on her finger. Why not do it with any of these unique engagement ideas?

A great marriage proposal should be original and creative, but not overdone. It should highlight the best parts of your relationship. Done right, the perfect proposal is as magical as the wedding itself. On the flip side, it can be equally hard to plan out.

Not sure where to start? Get your romantic juices flowing with these fun ideas!

Unique Engagement Ideas to Blow Her Away

Propose with Adventure

This one’s for adventurous couples! If you both love nature and exploring outdoors, incorporate that adventurous spirit into your engagement.

For instance, place the engagement ring at the top of a climbing wall and race her to the top, where she’ll find a romantic surprise waiting. Make her feel on top of the world by proposing on a mountain summit or at the peak of a hot air balloon ride. How about an underwater proposal with a beautiful reef and corals as a backdrop?

As an added bonus, she won’t suspect a thing because seeking adventure is already a way of life for you two!

Take Her to the Movies, But…

unique engagement ideas

But not just any movie— she’s the star of this one. To pull this off, call your local movie theater and schedule a private screening. Meanwhile, gather romantic snapshots and videos of you two.

Have those clips edited into a trailer or an actual short film. On the day itself, give her front-row tickets to your “movie date.” Give the rest of the seats to your family and friends as the rest of the “movie crowd” so she won’t suspect a thing.

You can pop the question within the video itself, or go down on one knee in front of her at the end of the film! No matter how you do it, this is going to be one movie she’s never going to forget.

Plan a Romantic Treasure Hunt

What better way to make her say yes than remind her why she fell in love with you in the first place?

Select locations that have significance to your relationship. Perhaps a favorite café, the corner at the park where you met, the restaurant where you had your first dinner date. Leave a clue in each one that points her to the next stop.  

Go all out for the final stop. Candlelight, flowers, music, pictures of you two— the works. You can also conspire with both your loved ones, so they can all be there to witness the engagement once she arrives.

Make it a Spooky Engagement

Some couples love Halloween more than Valentine’s Day. If this is you, a spooky engagement just might be the thing! Throw a Halloween party, and invite family and friends to a jack-o’-lantern carving contest. Assign everyone a letter, so that the pumpkins spell “Will You Marry Me?” during the reveal!

You can also wear a scary groom costume to fit the theme. Don’t forget to prepare a Halloween bride costume for your other half!

Cap Off These Unique Engagement Ideas with the Perfect Ring

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