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Are you looking for the best place to sell your jewelry, gold, or diamond in the Tampa Bay area? Searching for jewelers that offer the best engagement rings? Do not just settle for anyone who comes with an offer – search for Tampa jewelers you can trust.

While there are many reputable jewelry stores in Tampa, Fl, jewelry scammers still exist, both online and in physical stores.

Spotting a Reliable vs Unscrupulous Jeweler in Tampa, Fl

Jewelry pieces are valuable items so finding a reputable jewelry store is very important.  It will ensure that you get the value for your money and you’re buying legitimate items.

In the Tampa Bay area, there are several reputable jewelers that you can find when you search online. Here are some tips when shopping for or selling jewelry pieces and how to spot a reliable versus unscrupulous jeweler:

Certification is Crucial

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certifies diamonds/gemstones, as well as jewelers. Tampa has non-certified jewelers. This is the main qualification. If it’s a GIA-certified jeweler, you can be sure that the items are legit and get you the best value for your money. 

Unscrupulous jewelers would normally present you with unknown diamond lab results and certificates online then say that it’s as good as GIA or AGS’s (American Gem Society). Never be fooled by this modus.

The best faux diamonds are moissanite, white sapphire, and cubic zirconia. They normally resemble a real diamond in physical properties and appearance but their composition is different and jewelers know this. Be vigilant and ask for a diamond certificate.

Transparency from Jewelry Professionals

A reliable jeweler surely has professionally trained and certified staff to answer questions and handle any custom work you may need. There are some credentials to look for. Training and certifications are conducted by 2 of the leading industry educators – the American Gem Society or Gemological Institute of America.

When buying from jewelry professionals, they take the time to listen to what piece you are looking for and explain the options available to you. For example, the difference of a D color rating of a diamond versus a Z color rating.

In case you want to sell your gold, diamond, or other pieces of jewelry and precious stones, only transact with honest and reliable jewelers who take the time to appraise your pieces.

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Online vs Physical Jewelry Store

Check for customer reviews and engagement. Scamming incidents are normally posted on websites. You can also call or email them first before completing your transaction.

Never transact purely online when they have no physical store. True jewelers can transact with confidence and have built decades of experience. This speaks of trustworthiness that you are dealing with gemologists you can count on.

Those jewelers wanting to buy your diamond, jewelry or gold online may offer quick cash, but they will give the lowest price tag for your pieces. Why? Because the transaction is online and they want to protect their profit even without being able to inspect your precious metals or gemstones.

Return Policy

Reputable jewelers have a return policy. Read the fine print. 

If you’re not happy with the item you purchased, you should be able to return it within a certain period set in the terms. When there’s none, chances are they’re afraid that you will take it to a professional evaluator and end up returning the item for a refund.

After-sales Customer Service 

A reputable jewelry store offers after-sales customer service like routine cleaning, repair services, and appraisal. They offer this for the ultimate experience and to build lifelong relationships with their customers as well.

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Years of Experience in the Jewelry Industry

A jeweler’s years in service says a lot. If one has been in business for decades, you can say that he’s a reputable and reliable jeweler. 

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More often than not, they also offer after-sales support. Because of how long they’ve been in the business, they have diversified and become experts by experience in other fields of services relating to jewelry.

Talk to the Trusted Tampa Jewelers

Let our reputation built over decades as Tampa Jewelers give you peace of mind that whether buying or selling, you get the best deal.

Whether you’re shopping for diamonds, an engagement or wedding ring, a watch for your spouse, or a piece of custom-made jewelry, Gold Galore Diamond Center is your top choice. 

A custom jewelry piece with a unique design is skillfully crafted by experienced designers. Old watches and/or family heirlooms can be redesigned and modernized. All these at affordable prices.

We also buy precious jewels and metals. Gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds. Watches, rings, and gemstones. You will only get the best price for your precious pieces from the best jewelry store in the Tampa area.

Complete, Reliable Services

Tampa Jewelers

Our 30 years of service in the jewelry industry speaks of the trust and reliability that we always give the best value for the customers. 

We have a wide selection of jewelry, diamonds/precious stones,precious metals notably gold, silver, and platinum. If you would rather have a custom design for your most cherished moments – be it for engagement rings or wedding bands, talk to us and we can create an exquisite piece.

Needing cash for gold? Need to sell your diamond jewelry? Should you have items you want to sell, especially gold and diamond pieces, talk to us first! We offer top dollar!

We can answer just about every question you have for a variety of jewelry: appraisal, bridal jewelry, everyday jewelry, cleaning, and repair. All are attended to by an expert hand, a certified jeweler.

Come and visit us at Forest Acres Plaza at 10216 FL-52, Hudson, FL 34669. Call or email us for an appointment. We are open Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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