16 Signs that She is the One

Deciding if she is the one can be tough, because many times we are blinded by emotions and go for it, only to regret it later. To help you think about it, here are the signs that she is the one.

Signs that She is the One

1. She remembers and cares about your likes and dislikes.


Is she keen about what you like and dislike? Does she remember your favorite food, how you like your coffee, things you hold dear?

2. You remember and care about her likes and dislikes.

Are you interested enough to know the same? Do you know her favorite cake, her favorite song? What makes her happy, upset?

3. You put each other’s needs first ahead of one’s self.

This is another of the more important signs that she is the one. She got your back and you got hers. You can tell if she is all about her or not. Is she all about what she wants or does she seem intuitive about what you need?

4. When you are together, you only have eyes for each other.

signs that she is the one

The eyes will say it all, or how she looks at you. There is just that look that shows how much she adores you.

5. She thinks of ways to make you happy just because.

She does random acts of making you happy, whether it is a good or a bad day.

6. You think of ways to make her happy too.

Do you always daydream of her and it makes you smile doing so?

7. You laugh together.


Nothing beats having a good laugh, and science does confirm that when you laugh together, the chances of staying together are higher.

8. She respects you as you respect her.

She gives you space or lets you be when needed, she does nothing that will hurt nor embarrass you.

9. She is a good listener and pays a great deal of attention to you.

Does she remember the things you have told her about, things like your family, your work, etc?

10. You enjoy some common activities.

Be it hiking, golf, arts, museums, concerts, or history, enjoying some activities together will pull you closer as opposed to leading separate lives. Or at least she delights in learning what you love and vice versa.

11. She is in love with you, not obsessed with you.

There is a thin line between being deeply in love and being obsessed. The latter can be dangerous because she does not know when to leave you alone or respect you.

12. She is happy for all your victories and cheers you up in your low times.


She is your cheerleader and always happy even for your little tiumphs, while being there to listen and boost your morale during your low times and even brainstorms with you.

13. She looks at you with adoring eyes even at your worst.

Even when you look your worst, feel you worst, she makes you feel you are Mr Universe.

14. Even through your lowest, she stands by you.

If you will be together for life, there will be low, lower, lowest moments. This is one of the most important signs that she is the one when she drops everything at the times you need it the most.

15. You have peace of mind with her and she with you.

signs that she is the one

Honesty is key and a no-compromise  deal. Before anything else, there must be honesty. If you cannot have honesty, you cannot have trust. We always hear that trust is important, that trust is key.   Trust is earned.

You cannot build a relationship without honesty. If you cannot be honest with her and she with you, that is a red flag.

16. She still loves you despite the hurt.

Even in the worst of times that you have treated her badly, or even broken up with you, she does not become cynical and still loves you, despite the hurt you have given. She does not curse you and nor will wish you harm.

signs that she is the one

Even if in the worst and she cannot bring it in her heart to hurt you or destroy you, treats you kindly, then she is THE ONE. This is because we see the truest, deepest soul of a person during times of adversity.

If you have hurt her in the past, broken up with her even, and yet she never became cynical or vengeful and was still sweet and gracious about it, then this is probably one of the most important signs that she is the one.

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