Old Watches: How Valuable are They?

Owning old watches is quite an investment. You might be a collector or you just happen to own one but know that you are in for some money or profit.

Younger generations are fond of smartwatches but there are still some in the population who are still fond of luxury and high-end watches.

In this regard, old consumers and women still prefer luxury watches. Furthermore, there is a sales growth of 8% in 12 months for women’s watches.

How to Tell What Your Old Watch is Worth

Rare pieces from luxury brands go up in value through time. Some watches are even passed on from generation to generation as an heirloom.

Here are some of the things that you should know to tell if it is valuable to sell.


If you are checking the watch all by yourself and you have little to no experience at all, it is time to inquire from Google.

Aside from the brand, you may want to check the serial number. Compare the images as well. This will be very helpful if you just receive the watch as a gift or an heirloom.

If you have an idea about the manufacturer, it will give you a hint on your watch’s worth.

Mechanical Parts

If you do not know the history of your watch, you want to know if all the parts are original. Examples are the case, dial, hand, and bezel.

If you have it all original, you are sure that your watch could be of value.

Professional Assessment

The easiest way for you to find out the value and quality of your watch is to seek an expert’s opinion.

The professionals know what they are doing and what they are looking at. And so, it will help you save time and effort.

With this, you have to check reliable shops with top-notch services.

old watches

How to Preserve the Quality of the Old Watches

Here are the simple ways to take good care of your vintage watches for you not to depreciate their value.

  • Store in a dry or controlled environment because humidity may damage your watch.
  • Secure your watch in a high-end watch box or fireproof safe box for extra care.
  • Contact the manufacturer if possible for a scheduled servicing. You may do it regularly to maintain the original parts of the watch.
  • Vintage watches tend to be delicate. With this, choose where you should wear it, for example, only special occasions that last for a few hours in a well-ventilated venue.
  • Clean your watch thoroughly before returning it to your storage box. Even if you do not wear it, regular cleaning is necessary.

Sell your Old Watches

Go to experts to learn more about your old watches. In this case, you will know its current value while avoiding being scammed. Get your extra cash with a quick and easy process.

If you have questions and more inquiries, you can get in touch and talk to professionals so that you can get a fair appraisal.

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