Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Real?

Are lab-grown diamonds synthetic diamonds?

Lab-created diamonds are real. The Gemological Institute of America stopped using the term “synthetic” in their Diamond Certification Report on July 1, 2019. 

So, are lab-grown diamonds the same as natural or mined diamonds? The answer is yes they are the same, physically, chemically, and visually. They both sparkle the same, and they are both 100% carbon.

A related stone, cubic zirconia, looks like a diamond but it is actually not. Cubic zirconia’s composition is 100% zirconium dioxide. 

What is the difference between lab diamonds and mined diamonds?

The only difference is the manner of sourcing. Natural diamonds are harvested by mining, while lab-created diamonds are “grown” in a lab with pioneering, revolutionary techniques in a controlled environment and monitored by diamond specialists.

Thus, while there is a charm with a diamond that is mined, lab-grown (or pure-grown) diamonds are a more environment-friendly option because no mining is involved.

This is another reason that lab-grown diamonds cost less since the supply chain is shorter. It takes less to produce a lab-created diamond than the natural counterpart.

Cost of a Lab-Grown Diamond

A common question is “Are lab-created diamonds worth anything?” Of course! A 1-carat lab diamond costs a minimum of $800-$1000 and even more, depending on the 4 Cs – cut, carat, clarity, and color

Can lab-grown diamonds be certified?

Yes, a lab diamond can be certified in the same manner as that of a natural diamond by organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Sources of Diamond Certifications

Do lab-grown diamonds last?

Yes, lab-grown diamonds last as they are as durable as their mined counterparts. They have the exact chemical composition.

Should I buy a lab-grown diamond?

lab-grown diamonds

If you love the environment, then a lab-created diamond is for you. The advantage of lab diamonds is that they are more environment-friendly and can be called “ethical.”

For decades, there has been a controversy on mined diamonds because of how they were harvested. This particular issue was about exploiting miners and their families in the sourcing of these preciousgems. Hence, these precious stones were called conflict diamonds or blood diamonds.

Fortunately, there was a global initiative in 2003 to stop such exploitation through the Kimberley Process. Today 99.8% of natural diamonds on the market are conflict-free.

The Verdict

Lab-created diamonds are as real as natural diamonds and have great value. They have the same chemical composition and they undergo the same rigorous grading and certification as the mined counterparts. As such, they are as durable too.

The main reason they may cost less is because of the manner of sourcing. With fewer steps and less manpower needed to produce one, this lowers the cost over-all. Whether a natural diamond or a lab-grown one, you get the real deal.

Finally, lab-created diamonds are environment-friendly too.

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