Jewelry Appraisal

Looking for an honest and accurate jewelry appraisal from a trusted jeweler in Florida? Gold Galore is your answer.

Since 1980, Gold Galore has built a reputation as one of Florida’s most established local jewelers. Gold Galore’s main focus is to build and maintain strong client relationships. 

jewelry appraisal

Our Master Jewelers are Certified GIA gemologists committed to safeguarding the rare and exceptional quality of your fine jewelry.

Jewelry Appraisal Services

In addition to selling jewelry, buying jewelry, and creating custom jewelry, Gold Galore Jewelers also offers jewelry appraisals. 

Whether it’s an appraisal for a piece of inherited jewelry, or you need an engagement ring appraisal, we are here to help acquaint you with your precious jewelry. 


Jewelry appraisals are essential if you want to insure and protect your jewelry investments. Whether you have a complete estate collection or a single piece of fine jewelry, we can evaluate and appraise your valuables for insurance purposes.

Appraisal Updates

Your jewelry’s value fluctuates over time. If your gems and precious metals have increased in value, an appraisal update can help reflect the increased worth of your jewelry. An appraisal update is also necessary if your jewelry has undergone changes, repair, or service. 

Pre-owned Jewelry 

If you bought a piece of pre-owned jewelry or inherited a piece of family jewelry, a jewelry appraisal can provide information about your valuables and how much they are worth. 

Selling Your Jewelry

Gold Galore also buys jewelry if you need to sell them. We provide up-to-date appraisals so you’ll know what fine jewelry and other items you can sell. Remember, jewelry is an investment and we can help you understand how much they are worth.

Why choose Gold Galore Jewelers for Jewelry Appraisal?

We are GIA Certified

Gold Galore’s experienced jewelers are certified by the Gemological Institute of America. The GIA provides a meticulous process of certification. Choosing to appraise your jewelry from non-certified individuals is like accepting medical advice from those outside the medical profession.

We Have the Experience

The highly-trained eyes of our certified jewelry appraisers are a result of working in the business for over 40 years. At Gold Galore, you can rest assured we always provide exact estimates all the time.

Our appraisal services are reliable and discreet with the emphasis on integrity and professionalism. Visit Gold Galore Jewelers for your appraisal needs today.