How to tell if Gold is Real: Beware of Fake Ones

Feed your curiosity on how to tell if gold is real. It may be useful for you, later on, to know what your jewelry is worth.

In 2019, 48.5% of gold demand is for jewelry, globally. Also, gold is a perfect choice of investment. Central banks purchase gold as well. Moreover, gold is vital in the digital world of technology.

And so, you may encounter fake gold due to its high demand. It is better to be safe and to have a know-how in telling if your gold is real.

Reliable Tests on How to Tell if Gold is Real

Testing your gold if it is genuine is vital when you decide to sell it later on. 

If you received your jewelry as a gift or an heirloom, here are the ways to tell if your gold piece is real.

Home Tests

  • Vinegar. If your gold is real, it should not change its color after a few drops of vinegar.
  • Water. Proceed with a float test using water. Get a glass of water and drop your jewelry. It is not real if it does not sink to the bottom since gold is denser than water. Moreover, gold should not rust. So to check it further, observe your gold days after the float test.
  • Magnet. Use a strong magnet facing near your jewelry. Your gold is real if it is not attracted to the magnet because the fact is, gold is not magnetic.
  • Skin test. If you do not have allergic reactions to fake gold, you can do this right away by simply wearing it. If you notice greenish or bluish marks on your skin, your jewelry is not real for sure. Gold-plated, perhaps.
  • Magnifying Glass. Have your magnifying glass ready to check the physical properties of your gold. It should not have discoloration, especially when exposed to different environmental factors. Your gold is not real if it is too shiny, yellow, or toned (reddish). Pure gold has a soft yellow color.

    You can also check if your jewelry has hallmarks/markings that show the gold’s purity and manufacturer’s stamp. Check the clasp of a necklace or bracelet.

Professional Test

Home tests are easy to conduct. However, if you want a trustworthy test and a 100% guarantee in checking that your gold is real, consult with an expert jeweler.

Professionals will make use of different reliable gold test machines. In this case, you can be sure of the results.

If you have proven that the piece of gold you own is real, you can also sell it to a reliable shop that can give you a fair deal; especially if you need fast cash.

Buy Real Gold

You may want to consider buying gold as an investment or a gift. If you are worried about purchasing fake gold, why not go to a reliable shop with jewelry experts?

You will have a wide array of gold choices for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Furthermore, you can make your jewelry more special through customization. 

Moreover, if you need to talk to a professional jeweler, book an appointment to attend to your queries and learn more about gold pieces.

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