She Said Yes! Heartwarming Marriage Proposal Stories

A marriage proposal is every girl’s dream. Whether it’s simple or unique, there’s just something irresistible about a man expressing his desire to marry his beloved. But if there’s anything as good as dreaming about an engagement, it’s hearing about proposal stories! Here are heartwarming marriage proposal stories you’ll enjoy.

A Picturesque Proposal

picturesque proposal

This is a story of a couple who have been friends since childhood (couple goals, right?). They’ve been dating for 7 years when the guy finally decides to pop the question.

One day, he brings her to the mountains for a picnic. They take a little hike and settle down at a beautiful, rocky cliff overlooking the ocean. A few moments later, he hands his phone over to his girlfriend.

Confused, she looks at the screen that shows a video clip waiting to be played. She hits the play button: It’s a video of their memories together as children and now as a couple!

After minutes of a heart-melting trip down memory lane, the screen turns black. Then, letters start to pop up one by one, forming the ultimate question: Will you marry me? She then looks over to her boyfriend who’s already down on one knee, holding a ring.

With a combination of good memories, a thoughtful boyfriend, and a breathtaking view of the ocean, who wouldn’t say no to this adorable proposal? (And if you’re curious, she said yes!)

A Proposal in the Air

heartwarming marriage proposal stories

Here’s another proposal that’s bound to make you swoon. It’s about a pilot boyfriend who takes her girlfriend on an airplane ride. While up in the air, her boyfriend pretends that something is wrong with the plane.

He asks her to grab the Safe-Landing Guidelines beside her and to read it aloud. Panic-stricken, she tries to keep her cool and does what he says. Her boyfriend tries to calm her down as well.

While reading through the steps, they start to transition to instructions about an engagement ring. She continues to read and realizes he was actually proposing to her! It was a frustrating yet sweet moment, which made her scream, laugh, and cry–all at the same time.

A 365-day Proposal

heartwarming marriage proposal stories

You guessed it! This proposal took one year in the making. It involves a boyfriend who took his girlfriend and her family to the South Caribbean Sea for her birthday. Little did she know, her family was also involved in the proposal!

One afternoon, she receives a knock on the door. She finds her sister holding up a whiteboard, instructing her to go to the lobby. She then finds another family member at the lobby, instructing her to head to the hotel bar.

This goes on until she finds herself sitting at the beach with an iPad handed to her.

A video starts to play and she finds the biggest surprise of her life. It’s a compilation of short clips of her boyfriend popping the question every single day for 364 days! Hold up, where’s the 365th question?

The video ended with the words, “Turn around.” And when she did, her boyfriend was right behind her, ready to pop the question that would complete the 365-day proposal.

It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind proposal guaranteed to make you cry!

Know Heartwarming Marriage Proposal Stories?

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