Custom Design Jewelry

The custom design jewelry that you wear is an expression of your lifestyle, passions, and personality. Designing and creating a piece of personalized jewelry can be overwhelming. Gold Galore Jewelers can help bring your vision to life.

For over 40 years, we have helped clients create customized jewelry that tells their story. We custom design pieces of jewelry such as engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, pendants, and all kinds of gemstone rings.

Our goal is to make the design process a memorable experience by working with you every step of the way.

Our Custom Design Jewelry Services

  • Design from Scratch

Are you one of those creative types who have jewelry designs of their own? Our experienced staff at Gold Galore can make your ideas come to life. 

Designing and creating new jewelry from scratch is an extremely rewarding process. And the best part? The ideas that you put into precious metals and gemstones will be executed by some of the finest jewelers in Florida. 

  • Modify Existing Design

Personalized jewelry designs are usually taken from existing jewelry. Oftentimes, customers see fine jewelry that they like but would want a different color stone, size, or shape.

Time and again, we have customers that fancy existing jewelry a bit smaller, longer, thinner, or favor a different pattern or texture. Our jewelry experts at Gold Galore will modify an item the way you want.

  • Replicate Another Jewelry

Our jewelry replication services are often requested by clients for their family heirlooms. In some cases, clients want to replicate worn-out or even lost jewelry items. And there are also cases where clients need new pieces of jewelry for another family member. Gold Galore’s experienced staff can replicate most jewelry items. 

Our Design Process

1.Drawing & Design

We begin our process by capturing your vision through hand drawings, sketches, and photos. 

2.CAD/CAM Design

Next, we use CAD/CAM to create 3D versions of your design. This is a mock representation of your design from several angles. 

3.Cast Waxing

At this stage, we create a 3D wax replica of your design that you can examine. We will then make adjustments according to your suggestions until you are satisfied. 

4.Finished Design

See your design come to life. Receive it with the assurance that it’s created perfectly for you and made to last a lifetime.

Start Your Custom Jewelry Design Experience with Gold Galore Jewelers

Custom Design Jewelry

We understand that you take pride in wearing a piece of fine jewelry that you love to wear today, tomorrow, and forever. We focus on giving you custom design jewelry exactly the way you envisioned it. Stop by our store or make an appointment today.