We Buy/Sell Gold and Diamonds in Tampa

Whether buying or selling, we offer the best prices for gold and diamonds in Tampa. Having been in the jewelry business for over three generations, Gold Galore can help you get the most value out of the gold and diamonds you have to sell.

Our clients consider us as the best place to sell gold in Hudson, FL not just because we offer the highest appraisal value, but because we make the experience a pleasant and stress-free one.

buy sell gold and diamonds tampa

What Do We Buy?

We buy gold and diamonds in Tampa at the best prices no matter what you’re selling! Sell your gold and diamond items such as:

  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Wedding rings
  • Engagement rings
  • Class rings
  • Watches
  • Pins
  • Designer jewelry like Cartier, Tiffany, etc.
  • Brooches
  • Charms
  • Lockets
  • Gold coins
  • Gold dinnerware
  • Dental gold
  • Gold scraps
  • Antique or heirloom jewelry
  • Cuff links
  • And more

If your piece has gold and diamond, we’d love to buy it from you. Got broken jewelry? No problem! We also accept all kinds of gold and diamonds no matter the condition. Visit Gold Galore, have it appraised, and walk out with money in your pocket. It’s that easy.

When is the Right Time to Sell My Gold and Diamonds?

The price of gold and diamonds is always constantly changing. That’s why we encourage our clients to research the current prices, because the best time to sell gold is when it has a high market value. You can easily find this information online.

Practical Tips for Selling Gold and Diamonds in Tampa

  • Find a reputable and well-established buyer.
  • Research the current market value of your gold and diamonds.
  • Make sure they test the gold in front of you and inside the store.
  • Find a shop with accredited jewelers.

Why Should You Choose Gold Galore?

buy sell gold and diamonds tampa

You have a lot of options when choosing where to sell gold in Hudson, FL. For instance, you can sell it to a pawn shop, but don’t expect a fair price since they’ll take off a heavier percentage.

Selling online is another option, but that presents a massive security risk. You can also sell them at an auction. However, you may have to wait the whole day without any guarantee that you’ll be able to sell your piece.

In contrast, here’s what you can expect at Gold Galore:

  • Get the Highest Appraisal Value

Trust us to buy your gold and diamonds in Tampa at best prices. You’ll get paid the market value of your gold and diamond, guaranteed.

  • Sell Your Gold and Diamonds Fast

We won’t make you wait. At Gold Galore, we understand that selling your gold and diamonds is often an emotional process. You may need the money to pay off debt, for an emergency, or simply to get rid of something you don’t need anymore.

Whatever your reason, we’ll make sure to make our transaction fast and hassle-free.

  • Accredited Jewelers

We use a professionally-calibrated scale to test the purity of your gold. We also use the best tools to appraise diamonds. Finally, Gold Galore jewelers are certified in the entire process.

Feel free to visit our jewelry store in person. You can also set an appointment at your convenience. Sell your gold and diamonds in Tampa at the best prices here at Gold Galore!

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