Best Wedding Anniversary Jewelry by Year

Stop guessing what your anniversary jewelry gift will be. This is a guide to jewelry gifts from year to year!

Every anniversary is represented with a gift of gemstones or a metal which are used in jewelry. It is just right to gift your spouse with jewelry that will remind him/her of the years that you have survived together.

Jewelry is a natural anniversary gift. However, you need to know what metal or gemstone is appropriate depending on how many years you have been together.

Searching for a special wedding anniversary gift? This guide will help you in deciding what to buy the best wedding anniversary jewelry for the love of your life.

1st anniversary: Gold

gold 1st year wedding anniversary jewelry

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The first year of marriage is probably the sweetest. You can opt to purchase a simple and neat gold necklace for your wife. You can also give a charm bracelet where you can add in gemstones for the next anniversaries to come.

For the wives looking for a gift for their husbands, a gold necklace, ring, or cufflink is the perfect first-anniversary gift.

2nd anniversary: Garnet

garnet as anniversary jewelry

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Garnet comes in different colors, like yellow, green, and pink. However, when we think of garnet, the color that comes to mind will always be red. Red garnet is the classic garnet choice used for jewelry. 

Garnet can be used in any jewelry piece, like rings, and pendants. It is best paired with white gold or platinum.

3rd anniversary: Pearls

Peark as 3rf year anniversary gift

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Pearls can either be cultured or natural. However, the natural ones are more expensive. Aside from the price, there is not much difference between natural and cultured pearls. 

Pearls are available in different colors other than classic white. They can be golden, gray, green, pink, and even black. 

For your third anniversary, the best gift you can give is pearl jewelry. Pearls can be used for different kinds of jewelry, like a matched string, earrings, or rings.

4th anniversary: Blue Topaz

blue topaz anniversary gift

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Topaz can be found in different colors and shades, but the blue topaz is one of the rarest. Today, scientists have found a permanent treatment that can turn a clear, colorless topaz into blue — diffusion.

For your 4th anniversary, why not gift your spouse with jewelry that is beautifully adorned with a blue topaz?  Historically, blue topaz has also been associated with love and affection.

5th anniversary: Sapphire


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Sapphire, like Topaz, can also be found in many different colors, but the classic choice for jewelry is blue sapphire. If you prefer other colors, you can always find white, violet, and pink shades.

Blue sapphire is a sturdy gemstone, and is great for any piece of jewelry. Reaching 5 years together with the love of your life is something that needs to be celebrated and remembered with a beautiful piece of blue sapphire.

6th anniversary: Amethyst


Photo from Wikimedia

Amethyst quartz is usually thought of as purple, but it can also be in varying shades of red, blue. It can be treated with heat to enhance the color.

Amethyst is widely available in all styles of jewelry and is usually gifted on the 6th wedding anniversary. 

7th anniversary: Onyx


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Mark your 7th anniversary with a bold onyx jewelry for your spouse. Onyx is a durable stone and is popularly used in making jewelry for men.

Your husband will surely love a bold onyx ring with a diamond accent! As for the ladies, simple onyx stud earrings will do the trick.

8th anniversary: Tourmaline


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Gemologists call Tourmaline “parti-colored”. This is because you can find whatever your favorite color is in a piece of tourmaline stone. 

The most famous tourmaline is probably the watermelon tourmaline, which gets its name from mixed colors of green and red.

9th anniversary: Lapis Lazuli

Lapiz Lazuli

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There are a lot of more famous blue stones out there, but you will still find some jewelry companies using this cobalt blue gem.

For your 9th year anniversary, you can give your spouse jewelry that helps balance positive and negative energies! Lapis Lazuli is used in Chinese Feng Shui.

10th anniversary: Diamond jewelry

diamond jewlery

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Celebrate this huge milestone in your marriage with jewelry that will last forever — Diamonds! Give your spouse an anniversary diamond to commemorate this milestone!

10 years is a big deal, it just means you can splurge a little to make your spouse extra happy.

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11th anniversary: turquoise


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Turquoise comes in green, bluish, to deeper blue colors. Historically, turquoise has been used as jewelry and adornment.

Turquoise looks great when paired with silver. It is best used in bracelets and necklaces and is a good choice for jewelry for both men and women.

12th anniversary: Jade

jade as anniversary jewelry

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China and Japan are the two most noted countries for using Jade as ornaments. However, Jade has been popular around the world for centuries.

The signature color of jade is green, but it can also be found in many different colors. They are usually carved into beads for bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

13th anniversary: Citrine

citrine as anniversary jewelry

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Citrine gemstones are like a burst of sunshine — they are beautiful yellow to yellow-orange colored gems. It is a very popular and affordable gem that fits well with any design or any color of metal.

Gift your wife/husband with citrine embellished jewelry for your 13th year anniversary! Let the bright and sunny disposition of your partnership reflect on your anniversary gifts for each other.

14th anniversary: Opal


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Opal comes in a wide variety of colors, from transparent gems to opaque gemstones. The most common Opal gemstone is the creamy-white with a rainbow play of color within the stone. 

Opal looks even more luxurious when it is used as a focal point for a piece of jewelry with accent stones which contrasts the play of colors of the opal gem.

15th anniversary: Ruby


Photo from Pixabay

Ruby has a distinct red color which makes it an emblem of love and passion. For your 15th anniversary, it is best to remind yourselves of the love and passion you have given each other through the years.

You will be able to find rubies in every type of jewelry. Ruby earrings would be a perfect gift for your lovely wife.

16th anniversary: Peridot


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Peridot gems come in different shades of green, but their colors lean more on the lighter, grassy greens. It goes well with white metals.

Unlike other stones, peridot is fairly soft and is prone to scratches, so they need extra care when they are worn in jewelry.

17th anniversary: Watches


Your 17th year anniversary is the best time for your husband to receive a perfect anniversary gift which he will surely love.

Celebrate your 17 years of marriage with a watch that he can add to his collection. Of course, the wife will surely appreciate a new watch, too!

18th anniversary: Cat’s Eye

When a stone is cut in the rounded cabochon cut, it can bear the straight line caused by the small inclusions that catch the light which creates the look of a cat’s eye.

The rarest gemstone that has this phenomenon is the Chrysoberyl. However, the cat’s eye may also occur in quartz, sapphire, and ruby.

19th anniversary: Aquamarine


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As you pass the 19th year of your marriage, you are going to need something that symbolizes fidelity and hope. Aquamarine has historically been a symbol of hope and loyalty.

Gift your spouse with aquamarine jewelry to show that you will be forever loyal to the vows you made on the day that you got married.

20th anniversary: Emerald


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Twenty years of marriage is a huge milestone! The anniversary jewelry that fits this momentous year is the beautiful green emerald gemstone.

Emerald can be used in any type of jewelry, but it is fragile because of the layers and fissures inside the gemstone. That is why the jewelry should be worn with care.

25th anniversary: Silver Jubilee

silver jewelry

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Not everyone gets to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary, so rejoice! There are so many sterling silver gifts that you can find for your spouse.

Do not be afraid to splurge for this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. It is not every day that you get to celebrate a silver jubilee!

30th anniversary: Pearl Jubilee

Pearl is the gem for the third year wedding anniversary, which gives the couple a perfect opportunity to upgrade their 3rd anniversary pearl on their 30th anniversary!

If you gave your spouse a simple pearl pendant during your third year, level it up with a full-matched string of pearls! You may also play colors – there are a lot of color options besides the white pearl.

40th anniversary: Ruby

Like your fifteenth anniversary, ruby is also the gem to commemorate your 40 years of marriage. Its red color expresses great and passionate love — the love that kept you together for 40 beautiful years.

50th anniversary: Golden Jubilee

golden wedding aniversary gift

Photo from Pixabay 

On your 50th wedding anniversary, gift your spouse with anniversary gold! There are different varieties of gold — yellow, white, or rose — that you can choose from.

At this point, you have already proven how great your love is for each other. Celebrate the wonderful life you have lived together and let us help you in choosing the best present for your spouse. 

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